Hi, I'm Jonathan Schell,

a full stack web developer with preference in Javascript.

Antica Namur 2019

This project is a Wordpress with API Rest, the API Rest send information to a
Frontend made in Angular 7. Also, I developed a custom Admin Panel for them.


Trato Directo

Trato Directo it's a site similar to Airbnb where different users can upload
your properties and an Administrator verify if the content it`is appropriate before
publication the property.


Latu Map

I had the opportunity to develop an Interactive Map of the Latu installations,
this project it`s made with HTML, SCSS, and JQuery.


Flow Marketing

Flow Marketing also it's made with Wordpress CMS and full custom theme.


Wood Truck Beer

This site has a backend module developed with Wordpress. The frontend is pure HTML, CSS and JS.


So, if you want contact me


Simply, send a email to jschell.21.09.87@gmail.com